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Gaming Today

Gaming Today

THQ Delays Red Faction Armageddon, Kinda Hammers Out Sked for 2011 and Beyond

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 06:30 PM PDT

Red Faction Armageddon — the fourth Red Faction title, this one inexplicably having nothing to do with communism — was said to, when it was announced, be set for release in March of next year. That is no longer the case, because today, when THQ revealed its 2011 slate, they said it’ll be out in May 2011. No biggie.

So what else can we expect from THQ next year? The list: MX vs. ATV Alive in the spring; Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines in the summer; and Saints Row 3 and a new WWE game in the fall. Then, in early 2012, we’ll get a new UFC game.

Oh, and on March 31, 2013, we’ll get Valhalla Game Studios’ Devil’s Third.

Deep breath. There’s a lot going on in this post. Saints Row 3 better not be terrible, and I’d better still be able to make a tiny lady who speaks with a deep male cockney accent.

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Valkyria Chronicles 3 Coming to Tokyo Game Show

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 05:07 PM PDT


Man, Valkyria Chronicles II just came out. It was OK. But it would appear that Sega is prepping a third Valkyria Chronicles and was all set to announce it at TGS this week, except now we all know about it so it won’t be a big announcement after all.

So what happened here? Well, Sega posted their entire TGS event schedule online in GIF form, and it said there will be a thing on Thursday at 2 p.m. with no description as to what it would be. But if you changed the file extension on the link to jpg, then, oh s**t, it said  ”Valkyria Chronicles 3.”

Oops. Well that’s that, I suppose. It’ll still be a worthwhile event, however, because we still don’t know if it’ll be out on the PSP or PS3. I’m hoping PSP, because, as I mentioned in my review, I don’t think I can handle another one of these on my TV. And the game works best for me on airplanes, as I discovered last week when I flew to and from Seattle for PAX.

Sega’s full TGS schedule is below in Japanese. Note that “PSP2″ is in reference to Phatasy Star Portable 2.

via Siliconera

Bungie Building New Engine for Their New Franchise

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 04:33 PM PDT

Even though Halo: Reach is out in, oh, just a few hours now, that doesn’t mean Bungie hasn’t been hard at work on their next project. On the contrary, they’ve been pounding out a new game engine for their upcoming Activision-published titles, and they’ve made good progress, Bungie’s Brian Jarrard.

“[the new engine is] actually in development, so I would say it's in a stage where, technically we're still at the end of a pre-production mode,” Jarrard told Develop. “But now that Reach is done the full weight of our team is rolling into the project. Real work is underway.”

The Bungie bros and bro-ettes decided licensing an engine was not the way to go now, because they figure they’re pretty good at this programming thing and can handle the burden of crafting an engine from scratch.

“I think it goes hand-in-hand with our independent spirit,” Jarrard said. "”ust like we don't want to develop a game off someone else's IP, we want to push our own technology in the same way. That's going to be our position for the foreseeable future.”


Combat Mission Afghanistan Playable Demo

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 03:53 PM PDT

Combat Mission Afghanistan is a strategy game covers two periods of the Russian-Afghan wars – the initial phase 1980-1982, and the later years of highest activity 1985-1987 – in two campaigns and additionally ten standalone missions. The fully featured editor will of course allow players to create all new custom maps and missions.

Players are able to take command of Soviet or DRA (Democratic Republic of Afghanistan) Army units as well as mujahedeen guerrilla forces.

CM Afghanistan is not just a mission pack: based on the latest CM engine in development, the game includes all new artwork, terrain, new units, new weapons, and new nations! Players are able to take command of Soviet or DRA (Democratic Republic of Afghanistan) Army units as well as mujahedeen guerrilla forces.

But it doesn’t end there. CM Afghanistan introduces completely new features to the series, such as:

  • Drozd Active Defense system (on T-55AD and T-62D; shoots down incoming RPGs)
  • Multi-barreled rapid-fire cannon (e.g. ZSU-23 Shilka, Kamaz ZU-23)
  • New terrain such as Snow (on the ground) and Water
  • Exit Zones (a new type of objective)

You can download the demo here.

Combat-Mission-Afghanistan CM AA_Screenshot_D1 CM Afghanistan Debug 2009-11-18 09-19-00-98 CM Afghanistan Debug 2009-11-18 09-40-22-29 Screenshot_1B Screenshot_2B Screenshot_45B Screenshot2B replacement combat_mission-afghanistan_1

Wal-Mart Taking Pre-orders on Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Blu-ray Pack

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 01:44 PM PDT

OK, so last week, Wal-Mart posted a listing for MAG 2. I expressed some healthy skepticism at that, because what the hell? If MAG 2 existed, we’d probably know or at least heard of that possibility.

But this might be different, even if it is the same boy crying wolf this time. They’ve got a listing for a Shadow of the Colossus/Ico pack for the PS3, and it says it comes out on April 1 for the low low price of $39.82. Yeah.

What am I supposed to think about this? I mean, a rumor about this did come up a few months back, but we never got any word either way on it so far, and I don’t think this counts as “official word.” But I do hope this listing isn’t wrong. Which it might be. But I don’t want it to be.

Tables Are Turned On Mario On his 25th Birthday

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 11:32 AM PDT

Super Mario Bros. turned 25 today, which was pretty shocking to me, considering I’m only 23. I mean, I’m sure I knew in the back of my mind that Mario is older than me, but damn. It really puts all my Mario hating into perspective.

But that’s not the point of this post. No, the point of this post is to, as the title says, f**k with Mario a little bit. We’re going to give Mario a little taste of his own medicine, because it’s high time he got a good look at what life has been like in the Kingdom for all these years. So without further ado:

Oh, and that image at the top of this post? That’s Nintendo’s officially trademarked anniversary logo. Snap.

Left 4 Dead Online Comic Hits Tomorrow, Covers Revealed

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 09:07 AM PDT

Valve is one of my favorite developers, mostly because they tend to keep supporting their games with a ton of good add-ons and content. With Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, they’re working to keep that reputation intact.

As you may recall, Valve announced recently that they would be releasing The Sacrifice, another DLC pack for both L4D and L4D2. Set prior to the events of the previous DLC (The Crossing), this campaign will explain how one of the original four survivors finally fell victim to the zombie menace.

To prepare you for The Sacrifice, Valve is also releasing an online comic for The Sacrifice. This comic will run in four installments, the first of which will launch tomorrow, Sept. 14.

If you’re overcome with waiting, Valve’s throwing you a bone and showing off the cover art for all four installments. Check them out below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Will Not Have Campaign Co-op

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 07:54 AM PDT

Treyarch’s been saying a lot of things I like to hear of late.

However, in an recent interview with Gamertag Radio, Executive Producer Dan Suarez said something I didn’t like much at all. Simply put, there won’t be a co-op campaign in this installment of the long-running franchise.

Honestly, the co-op campaign was my favorite feature of Call of Duty: World at War, and I was really looking forward to sitting down on the couch with a buddy to play Black Ops.

There will be a split-screen combat training mode, as well as split-screen multiplayer, but it’s not the same thing. This is similar to what happened with the co-op in the Resistance series.

Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin has said that the actual co-op mode hasn’t been revealed yet (Thanks, VG247), but there’s no reason to expect that a co-op campaign will be announced now.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I can’t imagine that couch co-op is not popular enough to warrant inclusion in these games. Hopefully, we’ll see more games bring local co-op campaigns back to prominence.

You can look forward to some co-op multiplayer when Black Ops releases November 9 on Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Wii, and XBox 360.

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