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Social Media News

Social Media News

How to determine the latest trends on the web?

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 06:27 PM PDT

Many web entrepreneurs wants to determine the latest trends on the internet to create their money making blogs/sites/ forums etc.

But what is the best way to find out the latest trends hitting the web.

There are several tools you should acquaint yourself with.

1. eBay Pulse

This will tell you the most popular searches taking place on eBay at the moment. You can then capitalise on this by create a blog store with these products if you find a close matching URL.

2. Google Trends

Google trends tells you the most popular searching taking place at the moment. While these may not be searches for a product or service, it may be a relevant event where you can leverage traffic.

3. Google Trends for Websites

Similar to Alexa, this tool will tell you the trending traffic statistics for a given site.

Have a look at these sites and see if there are any niches you are currently in or would like to explore.

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What Social Media Marketing Objectives Work

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 05:23 PM PDT

 What Social Media Marketing Objectives WorkSocial media is a exceptional way to

  • Capture an interested/prospecting customer so you can engage with them later.
  • Talk with them in a relaxed social manner
  • Educate them about your product or service
  • Turn them into loyal consumers and clients.
  • Learn more about your audience/ target market.
  • Ask them to them tell you why they are loyal and how to keep interested in your service.
  • Help you build your product, improve your product and innovate into other avenues.
  • Have your loyal fans evangelize your product.
  • Solve customer problems right when they know they have one (customer service).
  • Be ready in case something you do produce becomes 'viral.' (hopefully it does at some point, small or large scale)

In conjunction with a well thought out sales or marketing plan, social media may be appropriate to:

  • Increase your sales (consumer audience)
  • Generate leads (B2B) audience

I argue that social media is not great with increasing awareness. Ideally, employ a marketing tactic that is excellent at increasing awareness, like TV, and then funnel people to connect with you on social media. TV is still the best medium for awareness; social media is better than anything else at capturing the customer for future engagement. The one exception is when some of your content goes viral.

What do you think?

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When Facebook Pages Aren’t Public

Posted: 13 Sep 2010 05:23 PM PDT

 When Facebook Pages Aren't PublicA big selling point of having a Facebook Page over a Facebook Group is that the content of Pages are outside the gated community of Facebook, can be visible and accessible by the public who is not a member of Facebook and it offers Google page rank juice. But when are Facebook Pages not available to the public?

If you're creating a Facebook Page, the default settings are unrestricted. Under Settings in the Edit Page admin area of your Page, you can set restrictions on three areas:

  1. Country – By entering one or more countries here, you can restrict your audience to only people in those countries. This may be a sensible choice if you had business restrictions and did not ship products or offer services overseas.
  2. Age – If you want to restrict your audience based on age, you can block your Page from anyone under 13, 17, 18, 19, 21 or specify that you want the restrictions to be country-specific because your company, product or services are Alcohol-Related.
  3. Visibility – You can toggle your Page between being viewable to the public or only viewable by admins. This setting is usually helpful in the beginning while you are building it or during major design overhauls.

 When Facebook Pages Aren't PublicWhile Facebook offers you restriction levels, the company is also careful to add disclaimers to their settings options. For example, under age – particularly if you choose Alcohol-Related, they add the following statements:

You understand that the Alcohol-Related age restriction is only for convenience and that Facebook does not represent that by using that setting your Page will be legally compliant in all countries where your Page is visible. You understand that ultimately you are responsible for setting the proper legally compliant age restrictions for each country where your Page is visible.

Keep in mind that if you have restrictions set to your Page, this means that:

  • If someone is a member of Facebook but identifies themselves as being in the age range that you've specified, they will not be able to see the Page.
  • If someone is not a member of Facebook (and Facebook therefore does not have their stated age or country information), they will not be able to access your Page at all, and their browser will default to the Facebook home page.
  • Even if they have a direct vanity URL such as http://facebook.com/yourcompany, they will still not be able to get to your Facebook Page unless they become a member of Facebook, disclose their age and country, and fall within your restriction settings.

While you might think that blocking your Page from public view defeats one of the strengths of a Facebook Page, if you need to comply with guidelines or restrictions for your industry or have reasons why you need to control access, it is good to know that you have some safeguards. Always consult a lawyer if your need for restrictions is related to laws, statutes or industry guidelines.

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