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Berman Post

Berman Post

Fidel Castro - 'They Misinterpreted my 'Cuban Model Does Not Even Work For us Anymore' Statement'

Posted: 10 Sep 2010 01:09 PM PDT

Legitimate misinterpretation of his statement or buyer's/'sayer's' remorse?

"Fidel Castro says his comments about Cuba's communist economic model were misinterpreted by a visiting American journalist.

Appearing at the University of Havana on Friday, the 84-year-old ex-president says he meant "exactly the opposite" of the quote contained in a blog by Atlantic magazine reporter Jeffrey Goldberg.

Bishop (D) Awarded Scholarships From The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to His Family

Posted: 10 Sep 2010 01:05 PM PDT

The scandal spreads. Bishop says that what he did was not specified to be against the rules when he did it. I take him at his word, but legal or not it fails the 'smell test'.

"Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) awarded three scholarships from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to his stepdaughter and wife's niece between 2003 and 2005, according to records from the nonprofit group.

Bishop is the second Democrat found to have funneled CBC Foundation scholarship funds to relatives, threatening to turn the program into a larger political problem for the party. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) recently paid back $31,000 to the foundation for scholarships that she improperly awarded to various relatives and children of a top staffer.
A Bishop spokesman insisted the Georgia Democrat did not violate CBC Foundation rules that were in place at that time by awarding scholarships to family members.

"It is our understanding that the CBC Foundation in 2008 revisited the guidelines and processes for its scholarship programs, and as such, included language to clarify that CBC family members are not eligible to receive the scholarships," said Ashton McRae, Bishop's spokesman, in a statement released by the office. "These scholarships … were awarded prior to 2008."

RIM Patents Adaptive/Smart Billboards Based on Road Traffic

Posted: 09 Sep 2010 08:58 PM PDT

RIM, the company best know for the BlackBerry, has filed a patent indicating it may be making its way into advertising. Specifically smart or adaptive billboards. The idea is pretty simple. When traffic is flowing drivers and their passengers neither have the time nor inclination to read long winded billboards (to say nothing of the safety issues). As traffic slows the people stuck have more time and may look for distractions. Thus when the vehicles are speeding along the billboard will display giant logos (or something of the sort) and as they slow down from traffic jams the billboards will display more detailed ads. RIM will be able to tell how quickly the traffic is flowing by tracking the BlackBerrys in them.

"According to mobile-focused blog Unwired View, the innovation comes in the form of using nearby phones to measure traffic speed and density and then adapting a billboard's content accordingly.

When traffic is moving fast and drivers have no time to pay attention to billboards, or there's a dense crowd on the street so you are distracted and less likely to pay attention, the billboard may just blast a huge logo and slogan of the advertiser at you, to catch any peripheral attention it can get. When traffic slows down in a jam, and you are sitting bored at the wheel waiting for a car in front to move the next few meters, grateful for any distraction, the same billboard will give you a detailed information about the service, prices, benefits and stuff.

The two separate patents are for "Adaptive roadside billboard system and related methods" and "Adaptive pedestrian billboard system and related methods"; both are described as having a storage system that could retain a number of different messages for different speeds and traffic densities. Beyond the level of detail involved, such a system could also be used to offer interaction opportunities when density is high and speed is low (such as in a traffic jam).

Joe Biden to Bush - "Mr. President Thank You ... You Have Honored These Troops ... You Deserve a Lot of Credit"

Posted: 09 Sep 2010 08:48 PM PDT

I did not detect any sarcasm; the comments appear as sincere as they are deserved. Bush pressed forward with the surge and turned the tide of the war while his opponents were advocating retreat. Such acknowledgment/credit should come from Obama as well, and it should have been in his address to the nation on the end of the combat mission in Iraq.

Video embedded below. (if you are pressed for time skip to 4:15)

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Joe Biden
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Obama Speaking in Cleveland Ohio - "Great State of Illinois,uh... Ohio"

Posted: 09 Sep 2010 08:35 PM PDT

Classic what if Bush did it.

Video embedded below.

Florida College Shuts Down Conservative Event After Seeing Anti-Obama Literature

Posted: 09 Sep 2010 08:28 PM PDT

The group should have done the paperwork, but they also should be able to trust the word of the administrators.

Video embedded below.

"Administrators and Campus Police Kick YAF members off campus after seeing anti-Obama literature at their table.

Other college groups were allowed to stay on campus despite not registering for the event.

Orlando Political Press reported:

On Tuesday September 7, 2010 at around 11:00am one Palm Beach State College (PBSC) student and two Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) members, state chairman Daniel P. Diaz and state vice chairman Eddie Shaffer, were shut down and had campus police called on them after tabling and recruiting during club rush at the College. The PBSC student, Christina Beattie, had received prior permission from college administrator Olivia Ford-Morris to promote her organization on campus via telephone and email communication.

On the day of club rush, officials approached the group and after seeing information about the organization and its ideals criticizing Barack Obama's economic policy. Ms. Ford-Morris was visibly disturbed by the material presented, published by the Heritage Foundation, criticizing President Obama's administration. College officials then called the campus police to assure the group left campus. Ms. Ford-Morris denied having ever talked to Ms. Beattie about giving permission to the organization to be a part of PBSC club rush.

"I was shocked and offended by her dishonesty. She outright denied giving me permission to table at Club Rush simply because she disagreed with my beliefs! The fact is, she was using her administrative power to silence the conservative opposition." said Christina Beattie.

Christina Beattie, a student at PBSC has been the lead organizer of a weeklong recruitment event for YAF. Christina saw a need for a conservative club on campus and decided to create a YAF Chapter. Beattie inquired with college Student Activities Coordinator, Ms. Olivia Ford-Morris, via email about being allowed to recruit at the college rush. To Christina's surprise Ms. Ford-Morris called her and allowed the group to table at the event.

Other groups on campus attended the event and tabled, but had not registered with the student activities coordinator. These groups remained untouched and were allowed to recruit even without permission. The Film Club, one of the groups not authorized to participate in the event, declined to comment for fear of reprisal from college administration.


Posted: 09 Sep 2010 07:58 PM PDT is a site dedicated to track and record the 'racism' by Tea Party Protesters. Users are encouraged to upload their own photos showing examples of racism. Most of the examples I have seen thus far a so clearly non racist you would think people were uploading the photos just to mess with the site and see if they screen them; apparently they do not. It seems that the real effect of this site will be to track the success of the movement. The Tea Party is not racist. There may be crazies in every large group of people, but the Tea Party seems to have much less then its fair share. Those showing any inclination toward racism (mostly the crashers) are quickly isolated and ostracized from the group.

" will be sponsored by the NAACP, Think Progress, New Left Media and Media Matters for America. Think Progress is a George Soros operation connected to John Podesta's Center for American Progress. Podesta is Clinton's former chief of staff. Media Matters for America is the brainchild of a MoveOn consultant and Podesta's Center for American Progress. Soros is a major supporter of MoveOn."

Fidel Castro - 'Cuban Model Does Not Even Work For us Anymore'

Posted: 10 Sep 2010 01:10 PM PDT

Even Fidel Castro now acknowledges that socialism does not work. I have a feeling that a lot of t-shirts are being tossed today; and a whole bunch of new ones are being printed.

"I asked him if he believed the Cuban model was still something worth exporting.

"The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore," he said.

This struck me as the mother of all Emily Litella moments. Did the leader of the Revolution just say, in essence, "Never mind"?

I asked Julia to interpret this stunning statement for me. She said, "He wasn't rejecting the ideas of the Revolution. I took it to be an acknowledgment that under 'the Cuban model' the state has much too big a role in the economic life of the country."

Julia pointed out that one effect of such a sentiment might be to create space for his brother, Raul, who is now president, to enact the necessary reforms in the face of what will surely be push-back from orthodox communists within the Party and the bureaucracy.

Update (9/10/2010): Misinterpretation?

Five Tips For Using Priority Inbox

Posted: 09 Sep 2010 07:27 PM PDT

Google is offering some helpful tips to make your Priority Inbox even more efficient and useful.

"It's been a week since we launched Priority Inbox, and now that you've hopefully had a chance to try it out, we wanted to share some tips to help you manage your email more efficiently. Here are five ways you can make Priority Inbox work even better for you:
1. Customize your sections
2. Train the system
3. See the best of your filtered messages
4. Use filters to guarantee certain messages get marked important (or not)
5. Archive unimportant messages quickly

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