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Ranga the Donga Review for Tollywood Watchers

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 04:38 AM PST

Ranga the Donga

Ranga the Donga

New Year is the best time for some fun but with films like Ranga the Donga the audience will run for some actual entertainment as this will be slightly surprising as the only flick on the block will be this flick.

The screenplay of this movie is full of masala matter and clich├ęs. The story begins with the birth of a kid who is pushed into the worst of circumstances and in order to safe guards this child the mother allots him to the house caretaker.

The kid eventually grows up and becomes a street smart leader with a crude lifestyle and then comes the main part and that is of a son who was brought up as an orphan and who grows up to be so strong that he can seek revenge for the death of his father. The writers have tried creating a fascinating story of Ranga.

What actually makes watching this film is the copied storyline with the same usual elements of tragedy, love and revenge. Another reason that the viewers may put up for not liking the flick would be the voluptuous, excessive and hence offensive appeal that this flick tries to put up.

The songs are also crude with nothing artistic or special. Ramyakrishna is playing the main part in the movie and he is the one who is only worth watching as such for those who are his fans. Making a guest appearance in the movie Charmme is doing a good job while Vimala Raman is the police officer.

The Indian Navy gets 6 US choppers refurbished

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 03:10 AM PST

The Indian Navy has obtained a proposal to renew and update the utility helicopters standing six in number that the Navy had acquired in 2007 along with the large carrier of troop from US. The Sea King Helicopter's cargo and utility version have been got for absolutely no amount but they involved some repair costs as they lacked in some maintenance and spare issues.

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation was the one who traded these helicopters to the Navy of US and after some time their service was terminated after they completed their flying operation hours.

Now a renewal has been proposed by Sikorsky for the helicopters that the Indian Navy had got along with Trenton USS which has been given an Indian name of INS Jalshwa bought in a deal of $50 million.

A.J.S. Walia the retired Air Vice Marshal and the Managing Director of Sikorsky’s in India said that the company follows no role when it comes to the sale of these helicopters but it was being stated in a negative light as t was the one who had built the helicopters.

Following this the company came ahead and asked the Indian Navy to get the choppers updated so that they were just as good as new.

Walia added that the Indian Navy can opt for any changes including the engines, shell, avionics or any other part or systems.

Walia also said that a direct commercial sale route can also be taken by the Navy and the company will have no issues about it. Initially the refurbishing job for the helicopters was given to an average firm but this did not bring the choppers back in shape.

Dr. Vishnuvardhan First Death Anniversary Brings Medical Support for Poor

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 02:36 AM PST

Dr. Vishnuvardhan

Dr. Vishnuvardhan

Dr. Vishnuvardhan who was the popular Kannada actor has his first death anniversary today and he died at the Vikram Hospital of Mysore through which he used to provide medical aide to the needy people when he was alive.

Now in order to mark his efforts further Vishnuvadhan Bharathi Trust has associated further with medical organizations so as to provide support to poor people by the means of medical aide camps held today at the Abhiman Studios.

Since it is Dr. Vishnuvardhan's first anniversary Halappa Foundation along with Rotary International, Unity Helpline Multi specialty hospital, Manipal Hospitals, Shekar Nethralaya, Victorial Hospital have all come together so as to provide the poor people with up to date medical facilities.

It is between 9 am and 2.30 pm that these organizations will provide instant services at the Abhiman Studios. The range of medical facilities that these camps will provide include eye scanning, dental check up, heart check up apart from general checkup.

All these services will be offered free of cost and also there will cardio vans, ECG Van, ambulance, technical staff and nursing staff at the medical venue. Meanwhile some of these medical centers will also have blood donation camps and eye donation camps.

A rally was also organized during the early morning hours which started from the National College to the studio place. Around 10,000 balloons were let free in the air before the starting of this rally. At the procession family members of Vishnuvardhan were also present. The CM of Karnataka also honored the actor by laying a foundation stone in his memoriam.

Telangana State issue: Today Srikrishna Committee’s Report Expected to get Submitted

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 02:09 AM PST

Today, it is expected from 5-member Justice Srikrishna Committee to submit Srikrishna Committee report for demanding Telangana state. Srikrishna Committee will submit the report in front of Home Minister P Chidambaram.

Srikrishna Committee’s report is expected to be submitted a day prior to their committee's expiry day.

This 5-member Srikrishna Committee was formed on Feb. 3rd, now today the Srikrishna Committee’s met for more than 2 hours to finalize the matters of the long-awaited report.

In Andhra Pradesh, the debate has been troublesome & controversial over the matter, whether there is need to make a separate state of Telangana.

Moreover in 2009, there happened immensely violent protests by Telangana state supporters & opponents of this Telangana state.

Prior to Srikrishna Committee’s report submission, on Wednesday India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh analyzed the political as well as security scenario in the state.

The meeting wherein Manmohan Singh analyzed the political as well as security scenario, was attended by India's Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, India's Defence Minister AK Antony, India's Home Minister P Chidambaram & India's Law Minister M Veerappa Moily, & along with them, senior government officials were also present.

Last year in December 2009, India's Home Minister P Chidambaram stated that a Telangana state could be sanctioned. Although, political parties of Andhra Pradesh state, which were under strict strain from members who were other than Telangana state demanders, rapidly withdrew their support for divergence of the state.

The Centre was then forced up to take back its decision & announcement had been done that this Srikrishna Committee would be made to gather political opinions.

HP DreamScreen 400 Redefining Touch Technology

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 01:54 AM PST

HP DreamScreen 400 which is a unique device particularly developed for the Indian markets is something that has managed to gain the most of popularity. This will provide an enhanced desktop experience for those who are too much into the touch functioning.

Hewlett Packard's DreamScreen 400 is a perfect desktop PC which is designed with sophistication and competence. Its silver frame and an interface which is icon based has an intuitive receptivity towards the touch functioning.

Crossing language barriers DreamScreen400 by HP is particularly designed for the Indian users who can use this device in dual language mode which is both English and Hindi. Apart from this the company plans to include other regional Indian languages too.

This device is packed with other entertainment support options including Bollywood TV, games, Bollywood movies and music too. HP's Global market development's strategic advisor, Satjiv S Chahil talking about this says that this device was actually a dream but it has turned into reality.

With just a finger movement people can seek education, information and entertainment too. With this internet can be accessed very easily and families in India can actually participate in the digital age by getting the DreamScreen.

The users can access contents like chat, movies, news and videos through this by the means of internet.

It will therefore provide an interactive and immersive experience for the world. The hardware that has been used by the company is still maintained in a secretive manner. The only specification made public is that it has the technology of intel.

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