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Daily Latest News

Ranjitha Comes out in the open to Clear her name from the Sex Scandal

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 06:32 AM PST

Nityananda Swami

Nityananda Swami photo

Ranjitha the Tamil actress talking about the Nityananda Swami's sex video clarified that it was not her in the tape and the women who has been seen along with the god man is someone else.

Ranjitha clearly clarified in the press meet that was her first after March when the scandal came up that it is not she in the video. Ranjitha further added that the entire issue is fabricated and whatever was witnessed during the last few months was just a part of this fabrication.

The actress has also filed a police compliant against Nityananda's driver Lenin Karuppan who was the main person behind the taping of the entire scandal. Ranjitha clearing her side said that she was totally unaware about this entire issue and the knowledge about this only came through the reports that were slashed by the media and had her involved. But the actress also asserts her devotion towards the god man Nityananda irrespective of the scandal.

The media has tried to pull her into the issue as per her belief because she holds a public persona. Being scared of the entire situation Ranjitha went abroad and stayed there for some time only to come back on the 14th of June.

After she was completely tired of the probing and allegation Ranjitha decided to come out in the open so that she could prove her point and clear her name from this mess. The complaint that the actress had filed includes the names of two people more apart from the driver.

Happy New Year marks a good time for messages and free SMS sites [Way2SMS, 160by2, FullonSMS, Indyarocks]

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 05:52 AM PST

Happy New Year

With the New Year around people are definitely in search of ways and means to send out their best wishes for the coming year to their near and dear ones.

In such a spot free SMS sites are truly the need of the hour as not only do they allow you to send messages for absolutely no cost whatsoever but they also have custom messages for New Year wishes as a part of their provisions for users.

Instead of typing New Year messages through your cell phone you can instead become a part of sites like way2sms, 160by2, fullonsms and indyarocks for bulk messaging options. Click here Happy New Year Sms and all Collection.

With way2sms you can first register by confirming your mobile number and then log in with the help of your cell phone number and your password to send out bulk messages, single messages and even chat to friends with the contact list that is a feature of this free SMS site.

There is also a column for custom messages like jokes, occasions, daily messages etc so that you can easily look up and send something nice to your friends and family all across India without having to search down the web for messages.

The only draw back of this site is the word limit that creates a trouble for users when the message is too long but even then one can break messages and send accordingly.

160by2 is another very popular free SMS site which is ranked for its WAP features. It has changed the concept of sending SMS. With this you can send free messages all over India which can be as long as 80 characters. On a maximum you can send 50 messages to a particular user within the limit of a day.

Fullonsms is another recently developed free messaging site through which you can send unlimited free SMS that too anywhere in India. The registration process for this site is very simple and is also very easy to operate.

Indyarocks also has the option of free SMS but it is not limited here as it also has games and other interactive features for the users. So pick the one that suits your messaging requirement now.

LG KF240 another mega Communication Device

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 02:11 AM PST

LG KF240

LG's new GSM phone LG KF240 with its price in India being Rs. 6900 is a great buy with outstanding features and a sleek look.

This phone has been released for the common cell phone users who are not willing to spend too much and are in need of good features to go along.

The most attractive aspect of this phone is its chrome finish look and instead of being a bar shaped phone it actually is a slide.

It is also semi touch and has a 2 mega pixel camera along with an FM radio, MP3 Player, WAP, MPEG-4 Player and an extendable memory of up to 2 GB for a complete source of entertainment. The navigation aspect of this phone is also very handy as the scroll key quite flexible along with a big OK button in the middle.

This phone is being launched by the company with maximum hopes as they have substituted that this model will become very popular in the Indian telephone markets. It will also be one of those models that will provide tough competition to the other phones in the market.

The low prices are compact features will definitely be good contender to the other phones that are in the same range.

The external features of this phone are: 94 x 47 x 16 mm in dimension, 91 g as per weight, display of 96 x 98 pixels. On the messaging front it has Email, SMS and MMS facility. In terms of connectivity the phone has Bluetooth, GPRS and USB Ports.

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