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[Video] Bigg Boss Day 65: It’s A Day Of Arguments

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 10:40 AM PST

Dolly and Veena were sitting on the weighing scale as per Bigg Boss task. Veena asks her if they have spent two hours on scale so that they call next team. Dolly calls Ashmit loudly.

Samir wakes up Ashmit but he said unless alarm is sounded he will not wake up. Samir comes and tells the same to Dolly. Meanwhile Ashmit also comes outside and an argument starts between Veena and Ashmit.

Ashmit told Seema she should not have woken up as the alarm has not been sounded by Bigg Boss and it is not yet 10AM. Click here Tonight episode

Seema and Veena take charge of scale. Dolly asks Ashmit if he wanted tea. He told her to prepare one without sugar for him. Ashmit tells Veena to leave scale and let him sit there. She refuses.

Veena discusses about the shifts with Seema and Samir that if it is four hours shift for every pair, then why some sit for only two and then others have to sit for six hours. Ashmit told Veena she and Shweta slept for whole time last night and that is why he didn't come today morning.

Ashmit and Veena had heated argument over it and Veena starts crying but Ashmit kept shouting over her. He told he has not slept for last three nights and then Veena tells her stupid and nonsense.

Veena said if he is friend to her and she told him he is rude then what was wrong in that. Ashmit told her to listen to him and Veena said she is tired of listening to him. She said is that her fault that they are friends.

Ashmit told he has gone mad, Veena said then why doesn't he leave the House. Ashmit told he would stay to go madder but win the show by staying till end and as yet he is not nominated.

Veena cries and tells Seema that she has done a lot for Sara and Ashmit and what she got in return. Ashmit tells Seema they should not have bothered for who sat for how many hours and should have come only at the time of alarm.

Ashmit told Veena he has no problem for waking up and sitting on scale for her but not for others.

Veena said if she wants favor she would go and demand not when somebody else wants to give her a favor. Veena tells Seema not to say anything in between unless she has understood the situation.

Comedy circus ka jadoo grand finale

Posted: 08 Dec 2010 03:34 AM PST

Comedy circus ka jadoo

Comedy circus ka jadoo on Sony TV had its grand finale round yesterday and the winners have hence been declared. The winners according to sources were Mukti Mohan and Kapil Sharma. The first runners up of the contest were Abhishek Avasthi and Bharti Singh. The second runners up were Kamya Punjabi and Rajiv Thakur.

The grand finale was a memorable event which had celebrities and trophies being distributed to the contestants. The celebrities who graced the event included Akshay Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, Sonu Sood, Sonu Nigam.

With their presence the event became even more auspicious and grand. The finale episode will be aired this weeks Friday or Saturday. The winners of the show were not available and hence no views could be derived from Mukti Mohan and Kapil Sharma about their winning feat however it sure is true that the winners would be more than just happy to get awarded for their funny bone.

Other runners up even did not give out any detail about this and Abhishek Avasthi the first runners up said that the audience should watch the show to know more about the winners.

He added that the complete experience was more than just wonderful and the results will be declared in the weekend episode that will either be on Friday or Saturday.

The winners are unavailable at the moment but their winning feat is the talk of the town as every one wants to know more about the grand finale and the ultimate magic of these comedy stars.

Raginni MMS paranormal sensuous thriller by Alt Entertainment

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 11:13 PM PST

Raginni MMS is the next project of Balaji Telefilms Alt Entertainment after it reaped humongous success with the movie Love Sex Aur Dhokha The announcement for this movie came through the production house that has decided to begin work on this project this month that is December and get it to big screens in the coming year by the month of March or April.

This movie is surely going to be one of its kinds as it is not just sensuous as per the name suggests but is also a paranormal thriller which is set in the background of sensuousness.

The story of the movie is captured as though the sequence of events is for real and it revolves around a young pair who is out for a weekend.

The movie is based on a true incident and has a girl who is very innocent and an ambitious man who take to a romantic time together with the place being surrounded by hidden cameras.

While the cameras set across the place were meant to capture the act of love making between the two couple but this however takes a paranormal turn and a lot more than just love making comes through which is beyond the normal human understanding.

Alt Entertainment is an effort under the silver screen queen Ekta Kapoor who is known for cutting edge commercial projects that gain a lot of attention.

The movie Raginni MMS is produced under the joint association with iRock films and is directed by Pavan Kripalani.

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