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Bigg Boss Day 66: Sara Blamed Bigg Boss Being Partial Favoring Dolly

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 11:04 AM PST

Bigg Boss, Dolly, Sara, Veena, Ashmit, Seema, Samir, Khali

Sara and Veena sitting on weighing scale for last one and a half hour call Khali in the wee hours of morning to help them getting a replacement. Sara told Khali he was sleeping inside in closed doors and she was calling him repeatedly. She told him to call Dolly for her turn to sit on the scale.

Samir and Khali discuss about captain, Khali said it would be better if it is either of Seema or Dolly. Samir asked Seema about her views on that. She said it all depends on the housemates if they want Dolly, Khali or her. Samir said Dolly will not be the right choice, Khali said he doesn't wish toBigg Boss announced the ongoing task Jago Nahi to Vaat Lag Jayegi is over now and Dolly too has successfully completed her secret task. Dolly got 600 points and she was advised to invest those 600 point on herself only and not on anybody else.

All housemates got zero points. Ashmit abused Dolly jokingly that she has done her task successfully and it has failed all other housemates.

Samir told ketchup was over while Dolly was investing her 600 points. Dolly said she would take curd and made luxury items list for her only. Shweta, Seema and Sara discuss about Dolly's task and that it has failed all housemates. Sara said she had some intention of the same.

Sara, Shweta and Samir discuss about Bigg Boss favoring Dolly by earlier making her Sultan-e-Bigg Boss, and then her winning this secret task. Sara said Bigg Boss is going too partial in favor of Dolly.

Bigg Boss told in the evening about Dolly's tenure of Captain is over and now captain had to be chosen among Dolly, Seema and Khali. Shweta voted for Seema, Veena for Khali, SAmir favored Seema, Ashmit voted for Khali, Sara went for Khali, Dolly voted for Khali, Seema voted for Khali and finally Khali voted for himself.

New Captain was Khali, Dolly hands him over the keys to take charge. Sara, Veena and Ashmit discuss about the task distribution. They said Dolly and Veena will take charge of kitchen, Ashmit will carry on with cleaning task but Sara probably not happy with kitchen charge to Dolly said she would be doing dish washing and will cook her food herself.

Samir and Sara discuss the same thing when Sara told her what had been discussed inside among Ashmit, Veena and herself. She said she was not very happy with this and that Bigg Boss is going too partial. Samir too was wondering over three contestants for the post of captain for first time in House. Samir said this task had shaken them all. Sara wondered why Bigg Boss instructs some to stay outside and others inside thereby dividing the House in two parts.

Sara and Ashmit were talking Sara telling him that he says lot of rubbish as he has been brainwashed by Dolly. Sara said she seriously wanted to go out of House and that's good as she has been nominated. Sara told Ashmit had told her she is fake, not with him but with Veena. Sara said she was not fake. Ashmit said she was mad when she nominated her best friend for eviction.

Then she stopped talking with Veena, and changed her best friend too. Sara said if he felt she was partial he should have told her there and then only. Ashmit said he told her there and then only. Ashmit and Sara had heated arguments shouting aloud. Dolly told Seema and Khali that they both were dramatizing the situation. Seema said probably they want to increase their blood circulation by doing this.

Bigg Boss announced about Sara complaining about Dolly's re-entry in House was based on Bigg Boss wishes and not public opinion.

Ashmit said he was thinking she had come as a guest when she came next time in the House. Ashmit told Dolly that if she has a lot to say to others, others too have certain things to say so she should listen to all of them as a blame has been put on Sara.

Veena told Dolly she was very much impressed by Dolly about her genuineness, integrity and being a brave woman. She said she has learnt lot of things from Dolly from her cool but strong attitude.

Out of Veena, Samir and Sara one is going to be evicted on Friday.

Salman a Pussycat & Malaika Hot For Maliika Sherawat!

Posted: 09 Dec 2010 10:37 AM PST

You read that right. The ‘oomph’ gal from Haryana, the hot and sizzling Mallika Sherawat has made some really flabbergasting statements on Twitter recently. She was asked about her opinion on the Dabangg guy. And “Salman is a pussycat.” is what the actress’s tweet read, much to the amusement of her fans and followers.

Later on however she did clarify her statement’s actual meaning, tweeting again- "Don’t worry, its meant to be good."

And what does the Haryanvi gal say about the rest of the Bollywood’s Khan’s? When asked about the King Khan & the brown-eyed hunk Hrithik here’s what Mallika tweeted “SRK is the King of Charisma and Hrithik is Talent and Beauty = Lethal.”

As questions poured in on the micro-blogging site, there was yet another surprising statement that from Mallika who opines that neither of the male Khans of Bollywood can be awarded the hottest tag.

The rightful ‘hottest Khan’ label goes to Malaika Arora Khan! It seems that the ‘Munni badnam hui’ gal has found another admirer for herself.

Now that’s a bit no, that’s a very surprising compliment coming from a Bollywood actress, in an industry where cat fights are popular and actresses getting along, unheard of!

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