Monday, December 20, 2010

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Daily Latest News

Big Boss installs tough time for inmates while Khalli feeds in luxury

Posted: 20 Dec 2010 04:01 AM PST

Big Boss has really turned the living ways for the inmates into a tougher game. In the coming episode viewers will be truly hooked into seeing Khalli the great as a kid instead of a wrestler.

Now if you are wondering as to how this can be possible then the inside scoop is that Khalli was recently awarded a punishment for preparing meals for everyone but now since he could not cook too well the inmates tried to subdue him by doing things all on there own.

While this behavior hurt Khalli the great, Big Boss brought in a new tactic and that was to reverse the situation. Now Khalli is the one who has to be fed like a kid by the inmates.

In fact even the water has to be given to Khalli by the inmates only. His care is to be done just like a baby and no leniency can be adopted in this procedure.

Following the rules has now become very tough for the inmates. Apart from this the inmates are now torn apart due to the water supply being limited to just an hours time which means that they have to do everything within this time period ranging from washing of clothes to bathing and even storage of water for all other chores that require water.

Also to make life tougher for the contestants Big Boss has stopped the wheat supply and instead he has provided the house with a chakki and wheat grains for roti's. The chores getting tougher are only adding to the stresses in the house.

[Photos] Kingfisher Calendar 2011 launched at the hands of Salman Khan

Posted: 19 Dec 2010 11:09 PM PST

The much talked about calendar that is the Kingfisher calendar for the coming year 2011 has been launched by the Dabangg actor, Salman Khan during the weekend period.

Salman said that his liking for entrepreneur, Vijay Mallaya is the reason that he has once again taken the initiative of coming forth and launching the calendar for the second time. [Click here for Kingfisher Calendar 2011 Photo Gallery]

Khan also added that Vijay Mallaya is a great man and whenever his presence will be required for any of the function under Mallaya, Salman will surely be present there.

The calendar has been shot with six swim suit models and the photographer for this was Atul Kasbekar. The shooting took place in Mauritius, Le-touessork.

The photographer talking about the experience this time informed that the 2003 calendar was also shot in Mauritius and the same thing is happening for the 2011 one and hence it brought forth a revival of the entire experience.

As per the permit given to the team in Mauritius the tourist authority let them shoot in the Casela nature park with animals like lions, cheetahs and Zebras.

Also they got the opportunity to shoot at exotic sites like Chamarel which is not easily accessible.

Sidhartha Mallaya the junior Mallaya who was a part of the selection jury for models said that all the models picked for the calendar are extremely gorgeous and the winner of the selection process Angela Johnson is particularly full of that kingfisher life.Sidhartha Mallaya is overwhelmed to have such beautiful women around him.

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