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Miley Cyrus – Fly On The Wall Music Video – HD

Posted: 24 Dec 2010 04:16 AM PST

Kabuliwala (1961) Bengali Movie

Posted: 23 Dec 2010 01:36 PM PST

Kabuliwala (1961) Bengali Movie : Dawn

Widowed Abdul Rehman Khan is an Afghani Pathan who lives a simple and poor lifestyle with his widowed mom, and daughter, Amina, in Kabul. He owes money to a money-lender that he had borrowed for Amina’s medical treatment, and is unable to re-pay it. He decides to secretly re-locate to Hindustan, without the knowledge of Amina, and he does so in the dark of the night. Upon arrival in Hindustan, he finds that the locals actually fear him and his kind, and blame them for kidnapping young children. A depressed Abdul is unable to get Amina out of his mind, and spends a week without doing any business. After that he sets out to sell dry fruits on the streets. It is here that he meets a young girl, Mini, who lives with her mom, Rama, and her dad, a Writer. Rama is overly cautious and will not permit Mini to see Abdul, while her dad permits her to do so. Abdul sees Amina in Mini and visits her everyday..

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